Andong Soju

Andong Soju, a distilled alcoholic beverage crafted from grains, 

stands as a renowned brand widely recognized by the majority of Koreans. 

While soju holds the title of Korea's quintessential liquor, 

its origins date back 700 years to the city of Andong. 

Following a centuries-old tradition, Andong Soju is distilled from a mash of pure grains 

(such as rice or wheat) and nuruk (a traditional Korean fermentation starter made from wheat) cultivated in Andong. 

With its rich grain aroma and distinctive spicy fragrance derived from nuruk, 

Andong Soju harmonizes beautifully with Korean cuisine.



Jinmaek is made from organic wheat. “Jinmaek” is what wheat was called. 

Jinmaek was appeared in Korea's first cookbook written in the 1540s. 

Inspired by reading the original recipe in this cookbook, 

the founder of Menge Craft Distillery has started to make relentless efforts to rekindle the tradition and restore the original recipe of soju as it once had been. 

After years of research and with sound interpretation of historical records 

with modernized and creative touches, the distillery has successfully recreated the full flavory aroma and graceful taste of the authentic soju – which was named Jinmaek.

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